Some Nexus 5's Affected By Audio Bugs; Call Quality And Recordings Suffer

If you're a brand new owner of a Nexus 5, you may love the device or you may be a little unhappy with it at this point. It all depends on whether or not you've been having some of the same issues relating to audio bugs that some have been experiencing. Before we go any further, it's worth noting that not all Nexus 5 devices are suffering from these audio issues, so that shouldn't stop you from placing your order if you really want one. On the other hand if you're extremely cautious of these things and prefer not to take any sort of a risk, than it might be best to wait till you hear of a fix in this department. Out of the devices that are having problems with these bugs, they affect each device a little differently according to posts in the Google Forums from users.

The main issue people are having with their phones are any sort of app resulting in use of the main audio. So phone calls, and any sort of music service app seem to be affected by the audio bug, and anything that really requires you to use the microphone as well. The problems people have been having are sounds of static during a call, popping sounds when playing music, or hissing noises during voice and/or audio recording. Each device that is plagued with this issue seems to be affected differently, so some people may have a hissing noises during calls instead of static and the same goes for the other bugs. So far every case of the problem has reported that phone calls and recordings are affected, but not everyone is experiencing the same exact bug. So what that means for you is, if you're having a problem with either low sound or just garbled sound, that doesn't mean you will have hissing or static noise.

No one quite knows yet what is causing these problems, but some people have pinned down a possible suspect for the issue. Noise cancelling software might be in large part to blame for most of it. It seems that any sort of app that uses the noise cancelling software tends to have the audio bugs, while the apps that don't use it seem to be problem free. Audio with those apps is much more clear but of course without the noise cancelling software you will get some background noise filtered in. Some people are also proposing that the mic or the speaker could be defective physically, and that both of or at least one of them may have gotten some glue on them during assembly resulting in these problems.

Whatever the causes are, it still remains that there isn't a true fix for the issue to get your nexus 5 back to full health. When that does pop up and should it, we'll be sure to let everyone know. What you can do in the mean time are a few handy little tricks. OK so they're not really tricks they're more workarounds but you get the idea. You could resort to using a bluetooth device, or resort to the speakerphone. Both are alternatives, but not a complete fix. However some sort of a fix is better than nothing. So if you can provide yourself with this solution, you can at least maybe get through the day without having to deal with the problem head on. We have included a couple of videos from users experiencing the problems to help anyone determine whether or not they have it as well.

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