Nexus 5 Gets the iFixit Treatement; Scores 8/10 For Repairability


Smartphones and tablets have quickly become parts of our everyday lives and while we often take care of our devices, things go wrong. When things do go wrong, it's never nice to hear that you're only option is to fork out for a completely new device - Apple, we're looking at you - as oppose to paying for a much less painful repair bill. Our smartphones are important to us and yes, we often use cases but when something goes wrong, having something repaired as oppose to being replaced is often easier and kinder on our wallets. That's why we're glad to report that the hardworking folks over at iFixit have given the new Nexus 5 an 8 out of 10 for repairability. That's much better than most devices from any other manufacturer.

Part of the reason why the Nexus 5 is so repairable is down to the modular design that LG have used to put the Nexus 5 together. Each component can be replaced with another and use of adhesives is said to be moderate. While the battery is easily removed, once you've cracked the Nexus 5 open, it's not what you'd call easy to do and probably shouldn't be tried at home. However, standard screws are said to be used throughout, making this a lot easier to take a look inside than other devices.

While the vast majority of the Nexus 5 is repairable quite easily, the LCD and Digitizer are both fused to the display frame so, if you're going to drop your Nexus 5, be real careful not to drop it face down, okay? While iFixit don't say that the glass panel isn't repairable, they do detail that it's probably going to either be costly or fairly difficult. Hopefully, new Nexus 5 owners won't have to worry about replacing their Nexus or finding a repair shop but. it's nice to know that all is not lost if something does go wrong. Of course, Nexus owners are pretty proud of their investments and there's a great selection of cases out there.

You take a look at the full iFixit teardown for more info, as well as watch their quick teardown review below, too.



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