A New Chromecast Section Appears In The Play Store On Android Devices


If you're a Chromecast owner, this new added section to the play store is going to make things a lot easier once more and more apps start getting support for Google's HDMI streaming dongle. Although the Chromecast only launched with support for Google play movies, music, YouTube and Netflix, Google has slowly but surely added more support for other popular media oriented applications like HuluPlus, Pandora, and HBOGO. 2013-11-27 23.30.42
Thus far it's still a fairly small list of supported apps, but in time we should see more and more stuff get Chromecast support. Who knows, someday maybe we'll even start to see some Chromecast support for the most popular games and apps.2013-11-27 23.30.51
Getting to the Chromecast supported app section is pretty straightforward. Once you open the Play Store, you simply tap on the apps button and if you're in portrait mode you flick your finger from left to right and you'll see a new section labeled "Chromecast". If you're in landscape mode you actually don't have to swipe at all, you can stay on the main home page for the apps section and just hit the Chromecast section button from there, which sits right next to "editor's choice" if you're browsing the Play Store from a phone or "tablet 101" if you're browsing the Play Store from a tablet. 2013-11-27 23.31.21
However you slice it, getting to the chromecast section inside the Play Store is extremely easy to get to, which should prove handy if you happen to forget what apps work with the device. I know that isn't likely given the number of working apps at the moment, but you never know. Besides, what Google is trying to most likely do here is look ahead towards the future. Perhaps we'll have more use for this section in the coming months, which could mean we might see even more supported Chromecast apps pop up. Maybe? 2013-11-27 23.31.25
Although this section of the Play Store is only in the "on device" browser for now, we expect Google will be updating the web version with it's very own Chromecast section pretty soon. At least, that would make sense. If you have yet to see this section for yourself, go check it out. Its kind of nice to have it there. If you have yet to even pick up a Chromecast, now is the time since they're giving away a free movie rental with the purchase of one during the limited holiday promotion.