New App: Enable Battery Percent, Enables Battery Percent in the Status Bar in KitKat Gray/White

November 10, 2013 - Written By Samantha P. Hawthorne

Since the beginning, Android users who are particularly inclined to know the percentage of battery remaining on their device have always had to rely on custom ROMs, widgets or third-party applications. Even with the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat, Google has yet to implement such an ability despite its competitor, Apple, including it in their iOS devices. Third party applications such as “Battery Percentage” by Wagwan Apps allow users to add this feature, however, doing so comes at a cost – a persistent battery notification in the notification bar. Launchers such as Nova also offer this ability, but opting for a separate launcher outside of KitKat means abandoning part of the KitKat experience.

While custom ROMs require root access, and third-party apps require either persistent notifications or a change in launchers, XDA member kroegerama has developed a method that requires nothing but a quick install. His app, “Enable Battery Percentage” gives users something that Google has yet to give them – an option to display battery percentage text without the need for annoying notifications or straying from the stock experience. There is no need to root your device to use this app, and it should work on all devices running Android version 4.4+. What is seems to lack however, is the ability to see your battery percentage while charging.


Battery text color is limited to white, so those of you who prefer complete customization and control, this app may not be up your ally. Android enthusiasts who are well versed in editing scrip however, can change the color by decompiling the app and manipulating the SystemUI.apk. So what is the catch you may ask? Without following the thread directions, as some noobs are prone to do, you could end up with static battery percentage even after uninstalling the app. The developer emphasized the need to disable the percentage display before uninstalling it; if you don’t, you will have to reinstall the app and disable the setting before completely ridding your device of this very useful feature.