How About a Motorola Tattoo – on Your Throat?

November 7, 2013 - Written By Cory McNutt

I have heard it all – talk about the twenty-second century – Motorola has sent to the U.S. Patent Offices, an application for “Coupling an Electronic Skin Tattoo to a Mobile Communication Device!” This has to be Google’s influence on Motorola, as they would be far too conservative to image an idea such as this, ha…this has Google written all over it! This is how they describe it for the U.S. Patent Office:

An electronic skin tattoo to affix to a body surface for providing auxiliary voice input to a mobile communication device, comprising: a microphone; a transceiver for wireless communication with the mobile communication device; a power supply; and a controller coupled to the power supply, the transceiver and the microphone, the controller operable to receive an initialization signal from the mobile communication device to initiate reception of an audio stream picked up from the microphone and transmit via the transceiver audio signals for the mobile communication device.

And further states:

An auxiliary voice input for a mobile communication device, including an electronic tattoo comprising: an adhesive capable of affixing to a body suface; a microphone for detecting audio; a transceiver for wireless communication with the mobile communication device; a signal processor coupled to the transceiver and the microphone, and operable for comparing received audio signal output by the microphone to a predetermined pattern, and control transmission of an initialization signal to the mobile communication device as a wake-up.

Voice tattoo

Further down on the description, it says it could even be used like a lie detector, because it could sense a nervousness or a change from your normal voice…will it have a red (lie) and green (truth) light to validate your response – wouldn’t our wives or girlfriends love that!

It’s main purpose is to eliminate outside noise from your conversations should you be out in a noisy environment. By using the vibrations from your vocal cords to transmit your voice, a substitute microphone if you will, it would totally eliminate any outside noise from attempting to enter your “tattooed” conversation. Like the principal of the Jawbone earpiece that uses vibrations from you jawbone to reproduce your voice…this too helps eliminate the outside noises.

How far along this tattoo transmitter idea is, we have no idea, but if it can be produced at a reasonable cost and possibly be reusable, it could open up a whole new way to communicate with your next Motorola device.  Let us know in the comments or on Google+ what you think about this “brave new world” and if you would be willing to be seen with this new “thingy” on your neck.