Motorola Now Selling the Moto G in The US; Starting at $179 and Shipping December 2nd

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When Motorola announced their answer to affordable smartphones the world over, we couldn’t believe the incredible price tag. For just $179 you can get a completely unlocked Moto G, which features some pretty solid specs and you don’t even need to sign a contract to get it. Motorola have also taken some of the DNA from the Moto X and brought it down to the Moto G. Customization is still here, with a myriad of different colored backplates that you can simply change whenever you feel like it and a similarly impressive range of accessories. 

Motorola’s latest already launched in the UK and parts of Europe, and is heading to other regions in the coming months but, the US was going to have to wait until January. Not any more though, as Motorola have jumped the gun and are now selling the Moto G much earlier than anticipated. In fact, you can go ahead and buy one right now, starting at just $179 for 8GB of storage. With 16GB of storage setting you back $199. Orders are said to ship December 2nd, too so there really isn’t much of a waiting time any more and a lot of people might be waking up to these on the 25th this year.

The Moto G features a 4.5-inch 720p display, a Quad-Core CPU with 1GB of RAM and what Motorola have been calling “obsessive attention to detail” on the software front. Delivering a quality experience, without the usually associated price tag. With Android 4.4 KitKat coming to the Moto G in January, this is not a device that’s cheap because it’s stuck in the past, far from it. The Moto G is a big deal for Motorola, perhaps more so than the Moto X, and it could help then build their brand presence back up in the US and the rest of the world. Are any of you thinking of buying the Moto G? Perhaps as presents for those still stuck with an aging device that’s in dire need of an update? Why not let us know below or over on Google+?