Motorola G Shells And Flip Covers Available For Pre-Order – Starting At $14.99

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Motorola has been in the news several times over the past few weeks because they have been continuously impressing us with several of their latest product offerings. The Motorola G was just announced as the little brother to the wildly successful Motorola X.  The Motorola G was designed to be a very affordable mid-range device.

Unfortunately the customization options of the Motorola X are not available to the Motorola G. This does not mean that owners of the Motorola G will not be able to add some color to their devices as the manufacturer is also coming out with a slew of colorful flip cover cases and shells. In keeping with the budget friendly theme, the cases will start at $14.99 each and range all the way to $29.99.

Unlike the flip cover cases, the shells only provide protection to the rear and sides of the phone, leaving the screen exposed. If you opt into the flip cover, your phone will be much better protected against minor wear and tear. The slip cover has an additional advantage as it will automatically turn off the screen when closed and power the screen back on when opened. This is very similar to the flip cases made by Samsung and other manufacturers.

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Both the Flip Cover and Shell will come in several colors that can match just about anyone’s personal taste and attire. The colors are black, chalk(white), violet, royal blue, turquoise, lemon lime and cherry.

In the event that you are looking for a bit more protection, Motorola has partnered with Case-Mate and OtterBox to bring their well-known cases to the new phone. If you opt for one of these third-party cases, expect to pay around $35.00 for the privilege. The cases will ship in January. So… how many of you are planning to invest in the Motorola G?