Moto X Wooden Options Just a Few More Weeks Away


Have you been holding out to get the Moto X because you wanted those "premium material" builds promised by Motorola? Well your wait is finally...almost over. Well at least the wood option for the Moto X is almost available.

The Moto X has had some pretty cool ways to personalize your device, using the Moto Maker. The Moto Maker has allowed consumers to choose different ways to customize your device before you receive it. Everything from colors, to messages shown when the device turns on.

One thing however was promised and we have yet to see it into fruition, and thats use of "premium materials". When released, Moto Maker said consumers would be able to choose what materials were used to make the back cover of the device. The biggest wow factor was the option to use wood. The wood would come from your choice of Bamboo, Teak, Rosewood, or Ebony.

The use of these materials have not been available for users and four months after the release of the device, seems like it may be too late. Unless you were waiting specifically for this option to make it. Even if you have been waiting for a wooden backed device, you might have lost hope. Well Sinead Carew, of Reuters, has been moved by some unknown force to put us at ease. Carew has reassured us that the wait is almost over, and the wooden option will be available in the coming weeks, in a recent tweet.

The thing about Carew and her tweet, is that this isn't the first time the twitterverse has spoken about the release of the wooden back. Earlier this month, we all saw the tweet from infamous leakster @evleaks. Though that leak was a bit more vague than what we see from Carew. @evleaks, tweeted nothing more than a screenshot, depicting the Moto Maker website and at the bottom there were the wooden options listed above. Which ensured that the wooden backs were still on the way, just no time frame. Well now we have an idea of when to expect the options, and will patiently wait. Since we have already waited four months, what's another couple of weeks really?

You more than likely will be able to wow the family, during the later part of this years holiday season. So besides sitting back, and waiting for this option to be available, you have one other thing to do. Decide what wood to use, I am more partial to bamboo, let us know what you would choose down below or on Google+.

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