Moto X Sales "Disappointing", According to Figures Research Firm Strategy Analytics


After months and months of speculation, when the Moto X finally did launch in the US, many were a little underwhelmed. Instead of the spectacular and mythical beast of Android, we were presented with a device like any other. Albeit one with a fairly large twist compared to pretty much any other device out there. The 720p display and the run-of-the-mill processor specs didn't eclipse anything else out there, in fact they came in under that in most cases. That's not what Motorola were going for however, instead they were going for an Android device that truly appeals to everyone. 4.7-inches isn't too big for a device and the MotoMaker allows you to customize your own Moto X so that it truly is yours.

The WSJ is running a piece in the run up to tomorrow's unveil of the Moto G, a lower-cost version of the Moto G that looks like it's heading to Europe and developing markets like Brazi. In this piece, sales of the Moto X were billed as disappointing as, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, the Moto X sold just 500, 000 units in Q3 of this year. No matter how you look at it, that's not a lot of phones but then, this number also needs putting into context. The Moto X is only available in the United States, and only ever intended to be and the major selling point of the device, the customization, has only been available to AT&T customers since a couple of days ago. Now, the Moto X can be ordered using the MotoMaker from all four major US carriers for $99 on contract, or outright.


While a lot of people will dismiss the MotoMaker as a gimmick, it does have real value for the average consumer interested in technology. After all, everyone is looking for their next smartphone one way or another and, even though the generic choice is still the iPhone the Moto X offers users a different path. As we found in our review, there's no reason why the average user wouldn't take to the Moto X and being able to create your own is much better than carrying the same phone that millions have. We're hoping that the addition of carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile will help the Moto X sales increase but, it's important to remember that this is almost like a fresh start for Motorola and you've got to start somewhere.

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