Moto X Kit Kat Update Already Rooted, not for the Faint of Heart


For those who like to root and modify the software on their Android devices, the excitement of new OS updates is often bitter-sweet. Everyone likes new versions of Android, but for people with rooted devices, those updates often undo the root exploits, both setting the device back to an unrooted state, and blocking whatever exploit allowed root in the first place. Sometimes rooted users simply don’t get updates and have to wait for the smart hackers to create rooted versions for them.

Well, if you’re using a Moto X and like your devices rooted and open, you can breathe easy. The Kit Kat update, which is already going out for users on most carriers in the US, has already been rooted. The root process is not an easy one, and is definitely not for the inexperienced. But if you are familiar with ADB commands, you should be able to do it.

This root method is called SlapMyMoto and was made by XDA-Developers member jcase. It is a modified version of the previous RockMyMoto root method. As jcase himself says:

SlapMyMoto is a root path for MotoX 4.4. It uses the same exploits/vulns as RockMyMoto, but installs a backdoor for us to regain root. Bootloaders are downgraded to re-expose a vulnerability we used to write to system. This build should have most, if not all the bugs out of it, and most users familiar with ADB should be able to complete it. However it is still a beta, after user feedback this may become the final release version.

This method requires using ADB to push and execute more than 10 individual ADB commands in specific order, so please don’t attempt this unless you know what you are doing and are comfortable with the risks. As with all root and modification options, this one will likely void your warranty and could cause permanent damage to your device. The talented forum members on XDA and other sites are always working to make these things faster and easier, so if this method seems too complicated for you, just wait; it won’t be long until a more streamlined option appears.

Read over the instructions on the XDA forum thread to get started. If you do attempt this, be sure to give jcase feedback on your progress so that he can continue refining his method.