Moto X Getting Updated To Android 4.4 KitKat “In A Matter Of Weeks”

November 13, 2013 - Written By Jeremiah Nelson

The Moto X will be getting an updated to Android 4.4 KitKat “in a matter of weeks.” How’s that for some good news?

Motorola Mobility CEO, Dennis Woodside, dropped the news at Motorola’s Moto G announcement event in Brazil this morning. A leaked Android 4.4 build for the T-Mobile Moto X has appeared online already. We knew that Motorola was going to be upgrading the Moto X to Android 4.4, we just didn’t know when.

In addition to the Moto X, Motorola has confirmed that some of its other recent devices will be receiving an upgrade to KitKat soon. The company updated its customer help pages to show which devices would be getting the update. The Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx, and Droid Mini will be getting a bump to Android 4.4. Verizon’s older Droid line, the RAZR HD, RAZR MAXX HD, and RAZR M appear to be left out in the cold. The exception is the Developer Edition RAZR HD. That phone is confirmed to be getting Android 4.4. soon. Motorola hasn’t stated when these phones will be receiving their updates, however. In the case of the Verizon Droid devices, the update will have to be approved by the carrier once it’s released by Motorola. That’s unfortunate because we all know how awful Verizon is about releasing software updates for their phones and tablets.

Motorola is on track to make a big come back in 2014. After floundering and then being purchased by Google in 2012, the company may finally be on the right track. The Moto X is a great device, and now the Moto G is aimed directly at developing markets. AT&T’s exclusivity for the customization site has ended too. Users of T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint who were interested in purchasing a customized Moto X smartphone can now do so at There are options to purchase the phone both on- and off-contract, so subscribers of all 4 major U.S. wireless carriers have options. If the Moto G ends up being a decent device, Motorola could have a solid one, two-punch that is just what they need right now.

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything more about the Moto X getting updated to Android 4.4. KitKat.