Moto G Shows Up on Amazon UK With £160 Price Tag, Launch Listed as November 14th

November 11, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


The Moto G is only a couple of days away from launching and we already know a fair bit about the device. For one thing, we’ve known it’s the long-awaited “cheaper” version of the Moto G and, for another we know what it’s specs look like, too. The announcement is to be held in Sao Paulo which suggests that Moto is focusing on developing markets such as Brazil but, also targeting the low-end markets in well-established smartphone markets, like the UK for instance. The leak from the UK that gave us specs of the device, was a piece of promo material leading up to Christmas for Phones 4U. In the UK, budget smartphones do particularly well in the Holiday season, with parents looking to get their teens a smartphone for much less than the Galaxy S4s out there.


Speaking of price, this is one of the things we didn’t know much about – we knew would be available for free on contract in the UK but, that applies to most smartphones – but, thanks to Amazon UK, we have a decent idea. A fresh listing has appeared on Amazon UK, listing the Moto DVX/XT1032 for £160 ($255 US) which is the original name that we had been hearing for the Moto G. The pricing doesn’t convert well but, for reference the Nexus 5 retails for £299 on the Play Store and the Galaxy S4 Mini costs somewhere in the region of £260. So, it looks like Motorola is really going for the budget market with the Moto G.



The Amazon listing doesn’t add any specs that we didn’t know about but, it does say that the Moto G will be available with “Personalized coloured backs”. While we’re sure it’s going to be nothing on the scale of the MotoMaker, being able to buy a different colored backplate for your device is a nice touch and an especially nice touch for a device that costs much less than most others on the market. We’ll know more about the Moto G, include worldwide availability, when Motorola announce the device this Wednesday.