The List of Samsung Problems Keeps "Swelling", Much Like Their Batteries


Samsung has worked very hard to build their image, and quickly they have become one of the top smartphone and device manufactures in the world. That's all changing  just as fast for the Korean company. Sales of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch have been low, although Samsung has come up with an excuse for that. We have also reported about the big Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update debacle as well. Now, reports are coming in from Europe, and South Korea, that the batteries from multiple Samsung devices, are swelling to dysfunctional sizes.

The oldest of reports are stemming from the popular Galaxy S III, but that's not the only device on the list of misfortune. The Galaxy S IV is also on that list, both of which were popular devices, so the number of people experiencing this issue is lengthy. Samsung has been trying to fix the issue, by free battery replacement for those who are having the issue. Which is exactly what should be done. Now a new device is hitting the list, and the excuses given by Samsung, are as reassuring and valid as the whole "green tomato" joke of a statement.

The Samsung Galaxy Note has now been getting the same negative attention as its little brothers. The battery has been swelling, and making the device very unappealing. This was shown off by a news station in South Korea called KBS1. This problem is mainly in Korea at the moment, but no telling yet if it will spread. The problem with this happening in Korea, besides an inoperational battery, is the warranty guidelines. In Korea, the warranty that covers the battery, is only valid for the first 6 months after original purchase. The Galaxy Note was released in 2011, so we are way past the 6 month period for most owners. Which leaves them completely abandoned from the Samsung company at the moment, except for a wonderfully helpful statement giving by the company.

The statement is in Korean, so roughly translated, they said, the battery swelling is due to the aging process of the battery, and is only natural.

Life is what happens when the aging of the battery problems occur within the warranty period for the battery charge is like to replace.

This statement has driven people to start a petition for Samsung to offer assistance instead of excuses. The excuse given by Samsung, is valid however, and many people who hold on to smartphones for longer than the average 18 month life span of their devices, run into this problem. It is more common than one may think, that said, most companies will offer a new battery at a low-cost, or free to replace the swollen one. Samsung has done this as well with the Galaxy S III and IV, so the question is, why will they not help those holding onto a Galaxy Note, is it just a way for them to get those consumers who own one to upgrade? or at least purchase a new battery?

We can speculate all day long, but the real question we should be asking is, when will smartphone batteries get an upgrade in build, and not just power?

Source- Naver



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