LG Names William Cho President of LG Electronics USA

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Looks like LG isn’t taking off early for Thanksgiving. They’ve just sent out a press release that they’ve named William Cho as the new president of LG Electronics in the USA. There he will be overseeing the company’s Home Entertainment business. The former president, Wayne Park, has moved on to a new position as the global sales and marketing officer with LG.

Cho has also served as president of LG Canada and as president of the company’s Australian operations, and it’s no surprise he found success with the company, he actually joined LG 26 years ago, which is quite a feat considering the rate at which company’s change execs. His latest gig with LG was the head of LG’s residential air conditioning business, LG said.

William Cho will begin his role as president very shortly, though he will take on the additional duty as head LG’s USA home entertainment business at the end of thus year, when the current exec retires. Now normally we wouldn’t write about this, as obviously, it’s not about their mobile business. But with recent news that LG is looking to focus more on TVs instead of the mobile world. This kind of plays right into that and makes it even more believable. Although LG did come out and say that those rumors were false, it’s still hard to believe when you’re switching presidents that oversee their Home entertainment business. Either way, I hope LG see’s success. As they do make great products, even if they are similar to their neighbor, Samsung’s products.

How many of you are shocked to see Wayne Park leaving the role as president of LG Electronics USA and leave the position open to William Cho? Let us know what you think in the comments below.