LG G2 Owners Could be Getting KitKat Android 4.4 Before the End of The Year


What with HTC One users having to wait till January for KitKat and Galaxy Nexus users left out in the cold when it comes to Kitkat, LG G2 users will be curious to hear when they can get some KitKat of their own. Well, it seems that LG might be beating other OEMs to the party and releasing their KitKat update before the year is up. As Android Community is reporting that French Carrier, SFR, is listing the Android 4.4 update for some time in November or December.



Of course, this is perhaps only talking about an update on the SFR network but, to see G2 moving forward like this is pretty nice. We're certain that the US carriers will get in the way once again but, that's always – and unfortunately – to be expected. Such a speedy turnaround could be a result of LG's relationship with Google, which has now given birth to two Nexus smartphones but, we're pretty sure Google is still treating all manufacturers the same. After all, HTC did say that the update to KitKat would bring some changes to HTC Sense as well so there's a little more work on their side. So far, there's no word on whether or not any changes to LG's software will be made and, this could be all be an "under-the-hood" update for the G2.

We reviewed the G2 not too long ago and found it to be a very capable device. It's also one of the most compared devices to the Nexus 5, and knowing that LG isn't going to be dragging their feet any longer when it comes to updates must be nice for those considering the G2 with its larger display and rear-facing buttons. No matter what though, news of updates for devices like the G2 and others will be coming thick and fast over the next few weeks. The question is, will LG be the first?

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