LG G Flex Shows off its Self Healing Superpowers in Promo Video


In the race to bring you the first ever flexible smartphone, Samsung and LG are neck and neck. These two brands have their own take on what the curve should look like, but LG is bringing out the big guns with a "self healing" back side.

There is little known as of yet about how they have achieved this power, but they released a video showing it off, find the video below. In the video, they introduce you to the LG G Flex, with some soothing piano sounds. A small metal ball shows the "Flex" in G Flex, and then the scratching begins. The video was released on the companies Korean YouTube channel, but they have translated the wording that appears in the video.


LG G Flex 3

It needs to be said, that this self healing coating on the back will only heal small scratches and everyday wear and tear. LG even touches base on this in the description of the promo video. Still, this is awesome for those that don't like to use cases, but hate to see that damage over time. In the video, they show what looks to be a metallic brush, gently scratching the back side. Then a timer begins and you see in under two minutes, the scratches disappear. You will also notice that as they scratch the LG G Flex, they also scratch an un-coated smartphone backside. The un-coated device, remains scratched throughout the video, just to show you a comparison.

The self healing powers of this device are only in addition to the curved "Imax" experience screen, as well as the gentle flexibility of the chassis. LG has curved the screen in ways that are, according to LG, going to provide a better viewing experience for the user. This may prove to be correct, since they have had televisions with the same capabilities. Overall the LG G Flex is promising to be a very innovative device, and possibly be the one to beat in the future. We do feel that most companies will be adopting similar features of the device, in-fact, it is rumored that Apple already is working on their own curved screen. However, we will always remember that Samsung and LG were the first to bring that feature, and LG is the first to bring a super power to their devices.



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