LG G Flex Launches November 12th in South Korea, December in France

November 8, 2013 - Written By Nick Sutrich

LG’s new superphone, the LG G Flex, is a thing of marvel.  It’s based upon the company’s 2013 flagship phone, the LG G2, which just about everyone seems to universally love.  After all what’s not to love about cutting edge hardware that runs some of the best feature-rich software out there?  So what can LG do to make this phone even more amazing?  Add even more cutting-edge hardware of course, and that would be in the form of a flexible display, among other things.  Given the phone’s name, the G Flex, one would assume that they could actually bend the phone and that the glass wasn’t just a useless curved piece.  If you thought that you would actually be correct, as the G Flex does fairly easily bend and flex without causing damage.  Then of course there’s the self-healing back that apparently acts like Wolverine when it gets scratched or dented and attempts to bring itself back to normalcy.  All this adds up to one absolutely amazing phone, but the question always remains: how much is it?

Thankfully LG is answering that question today, informing us that the G Flex will retail for 999,900 Korean Won, which equates to about $940 US Dollars or €699.  It’ll launch just next week and the first batch of orders should be available in South Korea on November 12th, with a launch on Orange France following in December.  The phone appears to come with a free 16GB SD card out of the box in addition to internal storage capacity, and will launch with two kinds of cases: the Quick Window case and a standard flip-style “Vest Case.”  There’s no word yet on availability outside of South Korea or France unfortunately, but if it sells well you better believe LG will bring it to other parts of the world. After all, there are strong rumors that the device is headed to the rest of the globe and, if it proves successful we can certainly see LG launching the G Flex globally.