KitKat Aims To Improve Photo Quality Of Moto X

android 4.4 kitkat

If there’s one thing that Motorola has under their belt that they do very well, it’s battery life. On the camera side of things, that’s not really the case. They have certainly tried to improve things though, and the Moto X is a good example of this. Most Android cameras get plenty of scrutiny and some definitely have a lackluster feel to the software as well as the outcome. Motorola wants to change this. In the upcoming 4.4 update they’re attempting to improve the camera quality and look of photos once you tap your finger on that shutter button.

How are they presuming to accomplish this? Well in the recent Kit Kat update that hit the Moto X, a new feature of the camera is an enhanced touch to focus feature that helps you optimize certain focal points. You can turn this feature on by dragging your finger over to the left hand side of the screen and touching the finger icon, and once you do this you’ll notice that a green circle pops up, which you can move around the viewfinder. This circle acts as the movable focal point for your photos and ultimately aims to help you snap a better picture.Motorola-Moto-X-Android-4.4-update-makes-your-pictures-look-better

We’re not all photography pros, so this is very useful feature to have. you’ll also notice by looking at the image of the green circle that you see some brackets on the inside of it. While whatever is inside the circle becomes your main point of focus, the light that is within those brackets helps to tell the camera what the best and most helpful exposure will be to apply to your snapshot and make it look its best. This sounds like a huge improvement and it should ultimately improve picture quality for anyone using the Moto X.

The camera on the Moto X out of box uses Motorola 10mp clearpixel sensor, which isn’t a bad camera by any means, but this update will undoubtedly enhance your shots, which might just make you enjoy the camera more and cause you to take more pictures. Take those better shots and auto upload those to Google+ where they’ll be given auto enhancements, and chances are you’ll have yourself one awesome looking image.