International Contest: Win a LG Nexus 5 from SnapPea and Android Headlines

Who wants to win a Google LG Nexus 5 Phone? Thanks to SnapPea we are giving one away. SnapPea is an app that lets you control your Droid from your browser or your Windows desktop. You have instant access to your photos, can send text messages from your PC, and much more.This contest is open to everyone worldwide!
To get started with SnapPea Web, sign in with your Google account here. Next, download the mobile app from Google Play to connect. That's it, check out your photos in your browser!
We also reviewed SnapPea for Windows back in November of 2012, and we were quite impressed by how well it works. SnapPea is a great "remote desktop" alternative. But instead of controlling your computer from your phone, you can control your phone from your computer. Pretty neat right?
The team behind SnapPea just recently refreshed the service with a simple and elegant new design. So you'll definitely want to check it out.

In order to Enter the Contest; All you have do is Enter your Name and Email Address

If you would like additional entries into the contest their are several ways to gain them but these are optional and not required to enter.


Here's how to enter:

  • Enter Your Name and Email

Optional Ways to Get Extra Entries 




Congrads to Winner Scott Eppler !!!!