Image Comics Arrive on Google Play Store with The Walking Dead Front and Center


Sure, you're a fan of The Walking Dead TV show, but have you ever bothered to read the source material? If you've never read The Walking Dead comic book series and happen to have an Android device on-hand, you no longer have any excuse, as The Walking Dead and a handful of other Image Comics titles are now available on the Google Play Store. To make the deal even sweeter, it appears that the first issue of The Walking Dead is free to download.

Of course, that's how they get you hooked: make the first issue free and then consumers will be more inclined to buy the later issues when they're engrossed in the story. A tricky tactic to be sure, but we have a feeling The Walking Dead might be worth plopping down a few bucks to read. The Walking Dead isn't the only Image Comics series following this scheme, as the first issues of Super Dinosaur, Saga, Chew, and Invincible are available for free as well. It's worth pointing out that Super Dinosaur and Invincible were written by the man behind The Walking Dead, so it may not be a bad idea to continue your comics binge with those series once you're finished with the available issues of TWD.


Aside from those free issues, Image Comics is also offering other single issues for $2.51 a pop and collections that bring together multiple issues in a series. These collections range in price, going from $7.99 for the likes of Lazarus Vol. 1 and East to West Vol.1, all the way up to $31.19 for The Walking Dead Compendium. $31.19 might seem like a hefty price to pay for a bunch of digital comics, but keep in mind that The Walking Dead Compendium collects the first 49 issues of the series.

There appears to be some gaps in Image's digital offerings at the moment, but we can probably expect those to be filled in as time goes on. As it stands, there's at least enough on offer to get you going with multiple Image series, and these seem particularly perfect if you've got a new Nexus 7 to read them on. Are any of you going to take advantage of Image's new digital offerings?

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