Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Is Here; And It's Exclusive To Android

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Humble Bundle is back with a new set of games for your enjoyment, this time with Humble Mobile Bundle 3. Six totally awesome games for you to play and master. The best part, it’s Android exclusive. No humble mobile bundle for ios this time around. Sorry Apple fans. Although ios users miss out on this game bundle, the games themselves are not Android exclusive. Making their Android debut however as part of the bundle are Swordigo and Ridiculous Fishing. Two totally new experiences for android gamers to enjoy along the other masterful works of art that are part of the pack. It’s also worth noting that the two Android debut titles are not currently available in the play store.

Altogether in Humble Mobile Bundle 3 are EPOCH, Spelltower, Swordigo, and rymdkapsel. As humble bundles are always about letting you pay whatever you want for the bundle of games, if you pay the average amount you’ll also snag Kingdom Rush and Ridiculous Fishing. That’s a total of six games for the total of just under $5($4.84 to be exact, which is the current average amount at this time). As most of these games individually are around a couple bucks at least, you’ll end up saving anywhere between $5 and $10 for all of them.

If six games for a super low price wasn’t good enough, Humble Bundle is notorious for adding more games to the bundles within their second or third week of availability. This is based on bundle popularity usually so we can’t say for sure whether or not more will be added this time around, but it’s a safe bet we’ll end up seeing some more games pop up as part of the deal sometime next week or the week after.

So to recap, you start off with getting four games that you can pay whatever you want for. You could decide to pay $.45 for them, and if you pay the average which is currently $4.84 you’ll snag two more totally sweet games. Not to mention the games that will most likely get added later. You could end up with 8 or 9 games all for under $6. And ALL of them are part of a Humble Mobile Bundle that is exclusive to Android gamers. It’s a sweet deal, and perhaps it’s a ramp up of things to come as we roll on in to the holiday season. Maybe we’ll end up seeing some crazy humble bundle deals as we get closer to cyber monday? But we’ll just have to wait and see. If your interest was piqued right from the start, we wont keep you any longer. Head on over to Humble Bundle’s website to grab an ass load of mega awesome games that are just too much fun not to play.http://youtu.be/TwGjckByhHI