HTC Holding a Desire-orientated Event November 27th; More Mid-Range?



HTC's Desire line has gone from their premium line of devices down to their "mid-range" offerings. We're skeptical of how much longer we can keep on calling the Desire line mid-range devices though, as they're constantly shipping with poor specs, even at the very attractive price points HTC is offering. Needless to say though, HTC is to continue to produce the Desire line and they've just sent out invites in China for an event November 27th to see more of the Desire line. In China, where HTC is still pretty successful compared to the States, the Desire line offers customers quality devices that are well-made without having to pay a premium.


However, in recent months, HTC has released a slew of these devices onto the market and none of them really stood out. While models like the Desire 601 have landed here in the States, these devices are more destined for China and Europe than anywhere else. We can't knock HTC for this strategy, if selling lower-end devices works for your bottom line, then keep it up. It's beginning to look like HTC can't even compete in this sector now though, with Samsung already offering a phone for pretty much every price point and the recent Moto G putting every other budget offering to shame.

Here at Android Headlines, we'd like to see HTC develop their own device to rival the Moto G but, we're really not sure HTC is up to it. After all, the recent Desire 500 ships with an 800 x 480 display, lackluster internals and isn't all that cheap. Meanwhile, the Moto G has an HD display at 720p, a quad-core CPU, great software, battery life and more that makes it such a good purchase. Hopefully though, this event is more about delivering a new device – or group of devices – that can really rival other budget offerings. It's clear that they can produce phones that are better made than others at these price points but, the overall experience and specs need to come up quite a bit for people to even look twice.

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