HTC Building Four-to-Six Smartphones for China Mobile, Return to Building Phones for Other Companies



Before HTC was a big name in the Android space, they were a quietly successful  company producing smartphones for other companies. HTC weren't just one of the first companies to make smartphones, they were pioneers in the space. Which is why it's particularly sad to see the company struggle when the HTC One is arguably one of the best devices they've released in years. Before we had the HTC Sensation or the HTC made G1 that started Android off however, HTC were making devices for HP and Palm. They were they first manufacturer to release smartphones with Windows Mobile on them and they continue to pioneer since.


How HTC got their start was by backing devices for other brands, like HP and Palm and this recent news could hint at more of the same returning to the company. A report from KGI Securities Investment Trust points at HTC producing four-to-six devices for China Mobile. Now, the report didn't say whether these were exclusive devices or not so, there's a strong chance that these are either existing devices or, those already in the pipeline. Either way, focusing on a market where they are an established brand is a good idea and if they can't take on Samsung globally, then perhaps they can do so one region at a time.

However, we've heard a lot concerning HTC building devices for other companies recently. They produced the First for Facebook and they've been rumors of them producing both phones for Amazon and working with the Chinese government on a custom OS. HTC is currently struggling to keep up with industry behemoths like Samsung and they're not a company used to posting losses. So, finding work elsewhere is not a bad idea but, we certainly hope that HTC isn't going this route or at lease not entirely. To lose an original manufacturer like HTC, to see them just make everyone else's designs would be a huge loss for Android. Choice is one of the biggest factors that makes Android such a strong platform and make no mistake, HTC is still very much an important link in that chain.

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