Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Hits Google Play Next Month


Rockstar has been slowly but surely re introducing its older games from the series back into the market by way of mobile. First we got our hands on Grand Theft Auto III for mobile, which featured updated HD graphics for mobile devices and a totally redesigned control system to accommodate touchscreens. Next, they dropped the ever popular Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on us, and we were all escorted back to the 1980's to relive one of the best GTA titles to date.

Next month, Rockstar will once again bring another GTA title to mobile and this time around its Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Was there ever any doubt as to what the next mobile GTA would be? There shouldn't have been since this was the next one they released onto consoles.

The mobile version of this game is going to be just like the last two that we saw come to Google Play. The game will be remastered with HD graphics to suit today's mobile devices, and of course you can expect Rockstar to revamp the control system to fit touch displays. Although we can also expect the game to come with control pad support, which would be a shame to not have on such a good game. The modern update to San Andreas is going to have all sorts of graphical enhancements, like greater draw distances, dynamic and detailed shadows, enhanced character and car models, and an enriched color palette. The visuals are getting a great little beautification, and we for one can't wait to play it.


Aside from the graphical stuff, Rockstar is also featuring a reworked checkpoint system to maneuver easier through the city streets of Los Santos during missions. Speaking of easier maneuvering, the control system is going to have three different control schemes for driving so you can cruise through seedy Los Santos gang territories however you feel most comfortable. Also look out for the contextual control options that Rockstar is implementing, which allow you to turn on a setting so that buttons are only displayed on the screen when you need them. Thus leaving your screen open for all the beautiful gameplay that San Andreas has to offer.

There is no actual release date for San Andreas, we just know to expect the game sometime in December. However Rockstar did say to stay tuned for details in the coming weeks, so you can bet we'll keep you updated when we know more.

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