Google Search Now Talks Back With Update to v3.1.8

Google has released some updates to some of its functions. Including some new cards to the Google Now experience, these new cards are "What to Watch", "Website Update", and "News Topics". Along with the new cards in Google Now, we are getting the ability to execute conversation like commands in Google Search, as Android Police is reporting.

When you have updated your Google Search app, and want to text someone, or make a call, Google will now ask for clarification.

For example, when you tell Google to "send a text", Google will now respond by asking who you would like to send the message to. After you respond with a name, Google will ask what the message should be, once Google gets the message you will be set to send. This is all a bit different from before. It used to be when you asked Google to send a text message, it would open up the text app for you. Now after you have spoken the contents of the text, Google will ask you if you want to send the message, you respond yes, and the message will be sent. All of this will look similar to the pictures below.

This is awesome news for those who just want to feel like they are actually talking to an assistant the way we imagined Google voice commands would be. There is however still a bit of a hands on moment, especially if the message is a long one. Google Search, will not read the message back to you before asking to send. So if you need to double check that the wording is correct, than this may require some touch from you. The updates to Google search are something Android users cant wait to play with, but what about those Google Search users on the iPhone?

After this update, Google Search closes the gap between it and the iPhone's Siri, but Google Search is also available on the iPhone. We suspect that the update will be coming to the iPhone at some point, and it will be interesting to get some figures on how many iPhone user's choose Google's new search conversations over Siri. Download available below. This update will bring Google Search up to v3.1.8 and you can download it here.


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