Has Google Play Services Been Draining your Battery Lately? You’re Not Alone!

November 20, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

It seems like lately, Google Play Services has just been using way too much battery. I first noticed it on my Nexus 5 yesterday, but didn’t think too much of it. But this morning after I checked my email, and jumped onto Google+, I noticed a lot of other people were experiencing the same issue. It looks like it’s hogging everyone’s battery today, well yesterday and today. But no one really knows why. Android Police posted a screenshot of a Nexus 7, where Google Play Services used up nearly half their battery. That’s not usually what happens with Google Play Services, if it even shows up, it’s usually under 10%. I’ve actually never seen it above 5% unless I’ve let my phone sit on standby for about 12 hours or so. It also seems to have plenty of wake locks, as you can see from Android Police’s screenshot, it kept it awake for nearly 24 hours.

It sounds like there is a temporary fix, which is to clear data on the Google Play Services app, but it definitely sounds like it’s an issue on Google’s side. Hopefully it’s something that can be fixed really soon, as I’d hate to lose all my battery life on Google Play Services, especially since the Nexus 5 battery isn’t all that impressive in the first place. We’ll keep hope alive that Google will push out an update quickly, or fix the issue. As I don’t think Google Play Services was updated in the past couple of days, so it might be easier than an update to the app. But we’ll see.

2013-11-20 18.53.21

How many of you have noticed issues with Google Play Services, or Google Services taking up a ton of your battery life? Have you changed anything, maybe installed a new app? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.