Google Play Music Officially Launching On Glass Within Weeks – Optional Stereo Earbuds To Be Sold


As written yesterday, Google Play Music works perfectly on Google Glass when you sideload the same Google Play Music APK file that you would typically run on your Android Phone. Aside from no official announcement from Google, this method is less than ideal for the average user as it involves the use of some specialized tools to get it working.

Today, Google has broken their silence and announced that Glass will adopt official support for Google Play Music within the next few weeks and will be pushed to devices. I will assume that this will be a huge player in December’s XE 12 Over the Air upgrade.

One thing that bugged several people who decided to sideload the APK file onto Glass was that the sound quality was leaving a lot to be desired. This is because Glass uses a mono bone conduction transducer or a mono earbud that attaches to the MicroUSB port of Glass. The bone conduction speakers can be faint when listening to music. Google has also taken the time to announce a Stereo Headphone accessory that will be available for purchase next month to allow for explorers to jam out to their tunes without sacrificing quality. This headset will retail for $75.00 and will be launched in the Glass Accessory Store.


I have spent some quality time with Google Play Music on Glass last night and I can report that it was an enjoyable experience. With the exception of the missing thumbs up/thumbs down buttons, everything worked as expected. If you are a Google Play All Access subscriber, you will not be disappointed as Google’s entire music collection is available to you by simply muttering the words “ok glass listen to”. I am incredibly shocked to see how polished the application is.

In the event that you cannot wait to start testing Google Play Music on your Glass, feel free to visit our post from yesterday for a full write-up on the installation steps.