Google Opinion Rewards App Lands on the Play Store, Answer Surveys and Get Google Play Credit

November 6, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Google has released yet another Android app today. This one is called Google Opinion Rewards. As you probably figured out from the name of the app, Google is going to reward you for giving your opinion through surveys. Not too bad since we already voice our opinions on Google+ all the time. Google is going to reward you with Google Play Store credit, which is the best thing they could reward us with, besides cash. The app is free in the Play Store now, which is kind of expected. It does require you to fill out a quick survey about yourself. You know including your age, location, sex, etc., then it will take you through a couple of example surveys when you first launch the app. After you’re all set up, your first survey should appear or Google will then notify you when a survey worth Google Play credit is available.


Additionally, you can opt-in to surveys that don’t reward. But why would you want too? Once those credit-worthy surveys arrive, a notification should pop up in your notification area. There are time limits on most of these surveys, so you’re going to want to finish them in a timely manner. Right now we don’t know how much Google Play credit you’ll get with each survey, but more than likely they’ll differ depending on the survey and the length of the survey. It might be worth a try, who knows you might be able to get some free movies or apps that you’ve been wanting to buy.

However, there is some bad news. So far it looks like Google Opinion Rewards is a US only thing right now. I’m sure, by now, most of you that aren’t in the US are used to that, unfortunately. It does seem like a pretty cool app and of course since its a Google app it is holo and looks really nice. Hopefully it’ll open up to more regions soon.