Google Glass Explorer Family Grows a Bit Bigger

Google recently released the Glass Developers Kit (GDK), and in awesome Google fashion, they had to celebrate. They decided to invite more of us ordinary people to transform into Google Explorers.

Lets start with what is a GDK exactly? Well Google Glass is going to have Glass specific apps, obviously. Google wants to make sure app developers have a chance to create apps before the official release. Though Google is still keeping a close eye on what Glass capabilities get tapped into here, there are still many things that can be done. However, Google still feels this is a perfect excuse to celebrate, and we think you all would agree.

If you are one of the many who went to the Glass explorer page, and signed up for updates and how to get Glass, then your wait may be over. Much like the guys over at Android Central, who received many invites. See, when Google celebrates giving the people something, they like to do it by giving the people more. So they have invited more people to become Glass explorers, and help in the development of the final product.

Glass explorers have been helping Google test Glass, and show off its uses. As we close in on the official launch date, which is sometime in 2014, the explorer family has grown and grown. If you are chosen to join the program, there are a couple ways to receive your Glass. You could go to a Google Glass fitting and walk out with the pair right there, but that is only available in certain cities. The other option would be to choose from size options and receive it Glass in the mail. At initial launch of the program, only friends and family of those already invited were able to join. Then more recently, the Glass explorer webpage, became more like a signup sheet for the wait list. Though if chosen, it isn't a free gift.

Unfortunately, there is still a $1500 price tag attached to Google Glass, but the opportunity is an awesome one. Unless of course your driving with Google Glass, than not so awesome. Though it could become a lot harder not since all of those developers are now able to get their hands on Glass.

Have any ideas for what apps could be developed for Google Glass? Let us know what you are hoping to see be developed on Glass.


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