Featured: Top 10 Bluetooth Speakers


As we've stated with the Nexus 5, not every phone comes with a great speaker built in. In fact, I never really realized it was a problem on the Nexus 5 since I'm constantly using either headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. I've actually reviewed a good number of Bluetooth Speakers in the past few months, so we thought we'd rank them for you and give you a good idea of some good ones.

10. Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker



The Jabra SOLEMATE speaker is a pretty small speaker that does pack a big punch. It's available in 6 colors including black, blue, gray, red, white and yellow. It's normal retail price is $200, but it's available on Amazon for $150 right now. Not a bad price at all.

Jabra SOLEMATE Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker – Black

9. Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



Beats Audio is a pretty controversial brand, which is why it's #9 on our list. Their Pill wireless Bluetooth speaker is available in a variety of colors including black, blue, red, gray, white, green, orange, yellow and pink. It's also $195 right now through Amazon. It's able to pair through Bluetooth or NFC, which is a nice addition, at least in my opinion.

 Beats Pill Wireless Speaker

8. Acoustic Research ARS60 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker



This speaker is a pretty good one from Acoustic Research. I'm actually in the middle of reviewing it right now. It's got great sound and pretty good battery life as well. I have to say that's its also very easy to connect to and can keep many devices connected to it at once. Right now I have 5 different devices connected to it. It's a bit pricey at $120, but I think it's worth it.

Acoustic Research ARS60 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – Black

7. HMDX Audio HX-P230RD Jam Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker



HMDX is  lesser known company for Bluetooth Speakers, although I have reviewed one of their speakers already (it's higher up on this list). And I was pretty impressed with it, given it's size and price. This is a more affordable Bluetooth Speaker than some of these others here. This one runs about $31 from Amazon, and is normally about $50.

HMDX Audio HX-P230RD JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Strawberry)

6. Braven 600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



This speaker from Braven is a pretty nice one as well. It's what they call a PowerBank because it can charge your phone while you're listening to music, or watching a movie. It's a pretty nice speaker, and all of Braven's speakers are also waterproof, which is a big plus for most people.

Braven BZ600RBA 600 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/PowerBank – Retail Packaging – Red

5. Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



Jawbone is pretty popular for its Bluetooth devices. The JAMBOX is no exception. I've heard many people raving about this speaker, although I have not yet tried it. It is available in black, blue, grey, purple and red though and is a bit pricey at around $132.

Jawbone JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black Diamond – Retail Packaging

4. HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker



This one I actually reviewed pretty recently, and was very impressed with the sound quality and volume that it produces. It's a pretty small speaker that does come in black, blue, red, pink and orange. For under $50, it's really one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there. It's also got 4 hours of continuous playback.

HMDX JAM XT Extreme Wireless Speaker, HX-P430BK (Black)

3. Braven 650 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


This one is the newer sibling to the Braven 600 listed above. It's also a PowerBank speaker so it can charge your device. I actually have one and really love it. It looks very nice and also outputs some really great sound, not to mention the battery life. It is about $130 though, so it might not be for everyone.

Braven BZ650SBA 650 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/PowerBank – Retail Packaging – Silver

2. SuperTooth Disco Twins


Usually, you can only be connected to one Bluetooth speaker at a time. But with the Disco Twins from SuperTooth, thou can actually be connected to both of them at the same time. I also reviewed these earlier this year and found that sometimes they are a little difficult to connect too, but usually pretty easy.

SuperTooth Z004120E             Disco Twin A2DP Bluetooth Stereo Speaker Pair – Speakers – Retail Packaging – Black

1. Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker


I'm a pretty big fan of Bose, so of course their speaker would be #1. Their devices have pretty great sound and are pretty expensive. But I will say this. I bought a pair of earbuds from them almost 2 years ago, and I use them everyday, and they still work like they did the day I bought them. Now that's what I call getting my money's worth.
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker