Sponsored App Review: Photo Studio


Description: Now that KitKat includes a pretty sophisticated photo editor, is there any need for apps such as Photo Studio? Well, choice is a very important thing and with more options, comes better flexibility. Besides, each app is different and in Photo Studio's case, we're looking at an easy way to apply filters and a fun way of creating collages and to frame photos differently. It's not the most sophisticated photo app in the world, certainly but, it's easy to use and offers a lot of simple features that users will be asking for. It's also a great app for younger users to get involved in, as it offers kids a way of using stickers to personalize their snaps.

How it Works: First of all, you'll need to download the app from the Play Store. Once you've done that, you're ready to go.


2013-11-06 17.57.16

From there, you have a few options – you can even launch directly into a camera but, this just brings up the stock camera app of your device.

2013-11-06 17.57.47-1


Of course, most of the time, you're going to be editing photos you've already taken.

2013-11-06 17.59.29

For instance, this photo I took earlier looks good but, I think railway tracks look better in blakc and white so, I can quickly apply a filter to it.


2013-11-06 18.00.01

Of course, there are other filters and effects to choose from.



As well as this though, you can easily create collages of photos.


Collages are a great way to group together a set of images to send to friends, as is the ability to put together a number of photos in one frame.



For that personal touch, too, is a large selection of digital frames available.



Opinion: Photo Studio is a quick and easy app to apply some creative flare to your photos. It's not going to get you amazingly different results but, that's not really the point. It's a quick and easy way to change the color tone, apply filters, create a collage and more. In fact, the collage feature is great if you have kids or family away from home. It allows you to create a collage of a number of different photos and send them as sort of digital postcards. The fact that the free version doesn't contain ads but keeps certain content restricted to the Pro version is a breath of fresh air. After all, just because something is free doesn't mean we should always have to deal with ads.


  • Speed (4/5) – It's a quick app and a lot of the features in Photo Studio are easy to find, making small changes a breeze to do.
  • Features (3.5/5) – There's more on offer in the Pro version of the app but, Photo Studio doesn't really offer anything other apps do.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI blends into Android well and is easy to get to grips with quickly. Making it an easy app for almost anyone to use.
  • Overall (4/5) – As it stands, Photo Studio is a decent app with access to some generic photo-editing tools. The collage feature however, is well done and will appeal to parents and family overseas from each other.


  • Offers quick access to common filters without the need to share them online either, you can save them wherever you want.
  • You can frame a number of different photos together to create a fun share for your family and friends.
  • The UI is easy enough for anyone to get used to relatively quickly.
  • The collage feature allows users to use their photos creatively and is great for those separated by long distances.


  • Doesn't really offer anything else that other apps do.
  • Pro version might be considered a little too expensive for some.

Conclusion: Photo Studio is a very good way of getting small edits done using either your Android phone or tablet with little fuss or hassle. While it doesn't offer anything new, it does offer an easy way of doing generic edits. Where it really shines however, is in the collage feature. Which allows you to piece together a collage of numerous photos in order to create a fun collage for your family or friends. This sort of thing is great if you're working abroad, separated from friends or something similar. One photo can evoke emotion but, a selection of chosen memories like a collage can really help brighten your day. Photo Studio Pro is well worth a look too, if you're the type of person that really likes to get creative with your photos. However, as it stands, the free version is a great place to start and won't bother you with ads or anything like that.