Sponsored App Review: File Expert With Clouds – 10/28/13


Description: File Expert with Clouds is yet another file browser for Android. However, where other file browsers try their best to deliver the bare essentials, File Expert goes one step further and offers everything you might need to deal with files on and off your device. With a tabbed interface, you can have more one folder open at a time, you can even browse the web from the same browser. Everything you'd expect from a PC-type file browser is here as well, making this a great app for those to have installed that use Android tablets around the office. It's easy to use but, also offers a whole raft of more advanced features, including the ability to connect to many of your cloud storage accounts. File Expert is something that professionals using Android tablets around the office or the workplace will love, as it offers the sort of functionality you really need in the workplace.

How it Works: As with everything, you'll need to grab the app from the Play Store. Once you've done that there's a quick setup process that gives you some tips about the app.


2013-11-27 09.35.06

In fact, File Expert does a very good job of letting you know how to use the interface when you first start:

2013-11-27 09.35.48


Tabs are a big feature of File Expert, and the default ones sort out your files into common categories for easy use:

2013-11-27 09.35.54

You can easily remove and add new tabs, too. When you do add a new tab, it'll ask you where you want to go.


2013-11-27 09.38.36

You can explore your folders and files just like you would on a desktop:

2013-11-27 09.38.52


The main feature of this update though, is the cloud support. You can access all of the following cloud storage accounts in File Expert, bring them all together:

2013-11-27 09.36.39

You can also signup for a free GCloud account from File Expert.


2013-11-27 09.40.17

By signing up for a premium account, you can get access to the following features:

2013-11-27 09.35.19


Opinion: Let's face it, Android isn't exactly the most advanced system when it comes to sorting out files and folders. Sure, it's far more flexible than the closed-off iOS but, it still needs a helping hand. That helping hand is File Expert with Clouds, by offering one of the most comprehensive file browsers on Android, it presents an easy, efficient and yet advanced way of dealing with files, folders and even cloud storage. For developers or those using a tablet around the office, this is great, as it's easy to move files around and also control your cloud storage accounts. It does everything all in one app and for that, File Expert is one of the best file browsers on Android today. By paying for premium features you can even get root support, which is perfect for developers and powerusers.


  • Speed (4/5) – To say that there's a whole host of features inside of File Expert, it's still very quick and runs very well, indeed.
  • Features (5/5) – If you're looking for a file browser that goes above and beyond, this is the one for you.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI is easy enough to follow, with the ability to change to a couple of other themes.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – If it weren't for a couple of confusing mis-steps, like the confusing manner in which it handles GCloud and other services, it'd be a 5/5 but, it's still one of the best browsers on Android.


  • Tabbed interface makes it easy to keep track of different directories at a time, preventing confusion between folders.
  • Once you get used to it, the UI is easy enough to use with lots of controls and even gestures are used.
  • Cloud storage support, eg Drive, Dropbox and more are all baked into the app. As well as their own offering, GCloud.
  • Developers can get root access too, making it one app for everything.


  • Some parts of the UI are a little confusing to begin with.
  • GCloud only offers 1GB of free storage.

Conclusion: Overall, File Expert is one of the best browsers on Android right now. Its UI can be a little confusing at first but, once you figure out what icon does what though, it's easy from there onwards. As a file browser, File Expert does pretty much everything you'd want it to and if you pay the small fee for a premium license then you get access to even more features, such as root support. Cloud storage is baked right into this release, with the ability to use your own accounts like Drive and Dropbox, and there's a free option from File Expert but, it only comes with 1GB of free storage. File Expert might not be for the average user but, for advanced users, developers and those using tablets in the work place, it should be a welcome breath of fresh air. It's super-easy to manage more than one folder at a time using tabs and there's not much you can't do in File Expert.