Sponsored App Review: DigiCal – Weather Update

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Description: When it comes to calendar apps on Android, there’s no shortage of choice. However, in the last year or so there’s been one app that stands shoulders above the rest, and that’s DigiCal. If you’re looking for a powerful calendar on Android, then you should look no further than DigiCal. We’ve reviewed DigiCal in the past and we found it to be very capable and now, the app has been updated with detailed Weather support throughout the entire app. You might be wondering just why you need weather information in your calendar but, knowing what the weather is going to be doing ahead of time can be very useful. Especially if you live in an unpredictable climate. Read on to see just how much help weather can be in your calendar.

How it Works: If you’re unfamiliar with DigiCal, you can read our original review to get a feel for the app. You can download the app from the Play Store, including a free version, too. Calendar views are mostly the same with this latest update but, you’ll be given a nice quick look at the weather for the day.

Day view

You can also get a look at the weather when using the week view as well.

Dark - Week-landscape

In the week view, you’ve given a quick look at the forecast for each day of the week and as you can see there’s a dark theme available for you Holo lovers out there. The agenda view has the same sort of look and feel with weather included, too.

Dark - Week Agenda View

Weather isn’t just built into the calendar views however, as it’s easy to take a look a detailed look at the week’s weather. Something you’re more than likely to find in a dedicated weather app, not something included in DigiCal.

Dark - premium only - weather page -  graph next 7 days

Not just that though, you can get a detailed look at the weather for the day, too.

Dark - Premium only - Weather page

As you might expect, the great widgets have been updated as well:

Day Widget

All-in-all, the weather feature now brings one of the most used smartphone features straight to one of the best calendars available. Making sure that DigiCal is your one-stop tool for making your busy life that much easier.

Opinion: If you’re somebody that is constantly on the move, then chances are you’re already using DigiCal or something similar to make sure you have everything organized. Well, with this new weather update to can check forecasts from the calendar view and get detailed forecasts too. This might sound a little trivial but, there are many reasons why this is going to be useful. Not least because it can tell you what you should be wearing on those days but, because you can plan accordingly. The example in my head is that you’re planning a school trip for next week, it says it’s going to rain and your calendar has told you as much. So, you can pass this info on to parents to ask them to make sure their kids have raincoats with them. You can adjust your travel as well, so let’s say it’s going to be raining, really windy or whatever and you normally walk to your meeting up town. Thanks to DigiCal you’ll know to take a cab and look fresh for your meeting, instead of all out of sorts. It sounds trivial but, it can be genuinely useful.


  • Speed (4/5) – As always, DigiCal is one of the fastest calendars out there, giving you a quick look at what’s important.
  • Features (5/5) – With the new weather features, DigiCal adds even more to its long-list of features.
  • Theme (4/5) – Fitting in with any stock Android device with an easy to use UI, DigiCal is both feature-rich and simple to use.
  • Overall (4/5) – The new weather update adds another great feature to DigiCal, making it one of the best all-round calendar apps there is.


  • Weather offers users another way to organize their lives.
  • DigiCal’s UI is easy to follow yet offers a lot of information at your fingertips.
  • Syncs with your Google Calendar, so you can carry on as normal.
  • Myriad of widgets allows you to take advantage of one of Android’s key features.


  • No ads in the free version or a free trial would be nice to see.
  • Ability to import calendar files is needed.

Conclusion: DigiCal is only going from strength to strength. Being one of the best calendars on Android clearly wasn’t enough for the developers and so they added weather support. Combine the new features with the vast array of widgets, tablet support and you’ve got a great app in DigiCal. Weather might seem trivial but, this is no half-measure from DigiCal, this is a full-measure and another great addition to the app. If you’re living in an unpredictable climate then the weather is probably you’re worse enemy, especially if you’re on the move all the time. With DigiCal’s weather update, there’s one more great reason to give the app a try and discover a more efficient calendar app.