Falcon Pro Receives Update to v2.0.7 – Which Includes Bug Fixes for KitKat

November 11, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

For quite a while, Falcon Pro was one of the most popular Twitter apps which was always finding a way to get around Twitter’s API rules. In fact now, if you use Falcon Pro, you have to create your own app through Twitter to use it. Kind of difficult for the average person to do, but it does work. Recently, the developer behind Falcon Pro made a new app called Flyne, which is like an RSS feed for Twitter. Which meant that Falcon Pro development was put on hold to get Flyne up and out of the door. But that doesn’t mean that Falcon Pro has been forgotten. Today, it received an update to version 2.0.7 which includes some KitKat bug fixes.

In this new version, the bold font bug has been fixed, along with a big fix for attaching pictures from the gallery. These are bug fixes for those on Android 4.4, if you’re on Android 4.3 or lower you probably didn’t see these bugs. The update is pushed to Google Play, but it’s not listed, so you’ll only see it if you’ve installed the app before. If you don’t have a token you can also download it from their website and sideload it like any other app.

As mentioned before, Falcon Pro really can’t support new users yet, due to the token issue with Twitter. We’re still holding out hope that one day that will be resolved, but I’m betting it won’t happen. Especially now that Twitter is taking their Android Twitter app seriously. They want everyone using the official Twitter app, so they can push ads to you on mobile, since most of their users do not use the site. This way they can generate revenue and keep the service going. Which is pretty important these days.

How many of you are still using Falcon Pro as your Twitter app? I’m actually using the Twitter for Android beta, since it’s come a long way, and I got tired of the API limitations on third-party apps.