Experienced Watch Maker, Android USA To Launch Smartwatch This December


Not to be confused with the actual operating system, a 24-year old watch-making company called ANDROID USA has made its first attempt at joining 21st century time-keeping technology. Coming in December, the Android SmartWatch will be hitting the shelves, and more importantly, snapping to your wrist and pairing with your smartphone. Not much is known about the new timepiece, however based on the company-released video, it will be compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and be stocked with some the most used mobile features including:

  • Time keeping with both digital and analog display
  • Phonebook with the ability to accept and make calls, and leave and view messages
  • Alarm clock
  • Pedometer
  • Calculator
  • Chronograph (aka stopwatch)
  • Music center
  • World Clock
  • Ability to record voice memos
  • Bluetooth

For the most part, smartwatches have been, let's face it, bulky and a little ugly. The Android SmartWatch has not deviated from that trend, but at least you can choose from different color bands such as red, orange, black, blue, and white. With almost two decades spent producing "cutting-edge designs with forward-looking technology," we might very well see a change in the oh-to-common eyesore of a watch. One thing that could be a little difficult for Android USA is their company name. While they've been around a lot longer than the Google-owned Android, the name will more than likely confuse consumers, which could lead people to think they're getting a watch from Google when in fact, they're not. However, how Android USA market their new smartwatch will determine whether such a thing could happen. According to Android USA'ss website, "ANDROID watches stride on to the scene with bold, modern designs that take the best of traditional watch-making and infuse it with the energy of today's watch enthusiasts." That sentiment alone makes me confident that this is not going to be another poor attempt at a smartwatch. The price is still unknown but is sure to be competitive with other smart watches, ranging in prices of $99-$366.


Exclusive Update: Under the guise of its trademarked brand, ANDROID, OKO International Company published a press release today officially announcing its first smartwatch. The company confirmed that the watch will in fact work with Android smartphones, as well as iPhones, and contain all the features previously mentioned. It will combine traditional timekeeping methods with up-and-coming technology to entice both watch-lovers and technology enthusiasts. The ANDROID SmartWatch will go on sale in December 1st or 2nd for the reasonable cost of around $200. Watch maker Wing Liang commented that in order for the watch making industry to stay alive it must conform to the evolution of technology, and move forward in innovation.

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