Evleaks: "MotoMaker Opens Up to T-Mobile Customers on Friday"


Here's some more stuff to add to the rumor mill. Motorola is already set to unveil the Moto G on November 13th. But I don't expect that to be available in the US. But the Moto X has been customizable since launch, but only on AT&T. We've heard plenty of rumors about when Sprint and Verizon would get their MotoMaker access, which appears to be November 11th, or next Monday. Now according to @Evleaks, it looks like T-Mobile will get MotoMaker access on Friday. Which is kind of surprising, but then not really. Since T-Mobile doesn't actually sell the Moto X. Motorola only has to open it up on their website to those that want to buy the phone at full price.

MotoMaker will allow you to change the backplate color, the button accents, add accessories, sign into your Google account, and even change your wallpaper along with a few other things. MotoMaker is obviously the biggest draw for the Moto X. What other phone can you get in over 2000 different color combinations without using a case? Not to mention that MotoMaker is free for the Moto X. Oh and did I mention it's assembled right here in the USA? Specifically it's in Fort Worth, Texas.


I've been holding out on buying the Moto X as my next phone because I wanted to get a customized one (blue with yellow accents). But now that Motorola has waited until the Nexus 5 came out, I've already made my decision to pick up a Nexus 5 to replace my Nexus 4. So looks like Motorola was too late for me. Let's hope they weren't too late for everyone else as well.

How many of you are going to pick up a T-Mobile Moto X on Friday once MotoMaker opens up for T-Mobile? Let us know in the comments down below.

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