Droid Weekly Nov 10, 2013: Hangouts v2, Google Glass, Google Opinion Rewards, and More


Galaxy Nexus Gets Updated GPU Binaries, To Breath Life into the Two-Year Old Phone

This week, some developers noticed that the Galaxy Nexus got some updated GPU binaries from Texas Instruments, you know the guys responsible fro the Galaxy Nexus' processor. They started working with the new binaries and breathing life into the 2-year old device, which is always good to hear. Read More

Evleaks: "MotoMaker Opens Up to T-Mobile Customers on Friday"



This week, our favorite leaker Evleaks stated that T-Mobile's Moto X would get access to Moto Maker on Friday. Well that didn't happen, as you can still only use Moto Maker for AT&T right now. But supposedly it's opening up to Sprint and Verizon tomorrow. So we'll have to wait and see on that one. Read More

Source-built Android 4.4 KitKat Rom is now available for Sony Xperia Z

AOSP KRT16M   v3.1   3. Nov  4.4 STABLE   Android 4.3.1 STABLE  Kernel 3.4.67    xda developers

The Xperia Z now has a source-built ROM off of the Android 4.4 KitKat update. Which Sony says will get the update in the next few months. Hopefully the official update is sooner rather than later. If you've got a Sony Xperia Z, you may want to give this one a run through. Read More


Google Opinion Rewards App Lands on the Play Store, Answer Surveys and Get Google Play Credit


Google released a new app this week that's kind of interesting. It's called Google Opinion Rewards. And basically you can answer surveys and get Google Play credits. Sounds like a good deal right? I've been using it this week and so far got one survey which was about 5 questions and I got $1 in Google Play Credit. Not bad. Read More

Google Update Glass FAQ Once More: Now Promises Not To Disable Glass If You Sell It



The Glass FAQ was updated this week. So now Glass Explorers that have lost interest in the device can actually sell it. Prior, Glass Explorers would not be able to sell it, or their device would be bricked. Nice to see this change from Google. Read More

Hangouts v2.0 with SMS Integration and More Starts Rolling Out, Get The APK Here


Finally, Hangouts v2 started rolling out this week. For a while there we were just using the APK found in the Nexus 5 factory image, which caused a few issues and force closes. But now we have the correct version which is rolling out as we speak. Or you can just install the APK. Read More