CyanogenMod Maybe Bringing Their Dream Device into Reality With a Huge 2.5 GHz Quad-Core CPU



In the world of rooting Android devices, CyanogenMod has reached celebrity status. CyanogenMod reached popularity back in 2009, with their ROM made for the HTC Dream. Since then, they have become an actual incorporated company, and teamed up with device manufacturing company OPPO. Together, they released a device that has become extremely easy to gain root access and install CyanogenMod ROMS. Now, rumor has hit the interwebs that CyanogenMod is developing their very own device.


Though there has not been official word on the device, there has been hints and suggestive wording on the leader of CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik's Google Plus page. Now the image Steve posted was of him, with the president of OPPO, Pete Lau, no big deal right? I mean they have worked together in the past, so it only makes sense that they would hang out from time to time, but the wording in the caption of the image is what tells the most. Steve captioned the photo with:

CyanogenMod and OPPO

discussing our [their] vision for a phone that would fuse truly amazing software with the highest quality hardware available.


Furthermore, Lau, went ahead and reshared the same photo and caption, which only confirms what Kondik said in his caption. The device they worked on together, the OPPO N1, is still set to be released in December, so this could be what they are referencing. In an exclusive message to GSMArena, Kondik gave word on a device that will come with a Snapdragon 8974AC chipset and 2.5GHz quadcore CPU. As far as physical traits, there is not much known as of now, but the device is obviously going to be built by OPPO, if the image rings true. Also, the software will most likely be an exclusive CyanogenMod ROM, but there is no telling if the ROM will be released for everyone to tinker with. This isn't the only rumor floating around this possible device.

As far as who will make the device, another name has been thrown in the mix, and that name is Gionee. You may not be fully familiar with that name, and no one can blame you. Gionee is a smaller but long lived, device manufacturer based out of China. The reason they have been thrown into this story, is the same reason that OPPO was thrown in, social networks. According to Gionees website, they are working on a device that has the exact same specs as listed above, and are calling it the ELIFE E7. On the company's website, they had this comment to say about the upcoming device to be launched:

E7 uses the CPU is Qualcomm 8974AC, small partners, you guessed it yet?


So who can those "small partners" be? well it could be guessed that its CyanogenMod. Although this would make the earlier Google Plus photo sharing be solely about the upcoming OPPO N1 device.

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