CyanogenMod Installer Released to Google Play, Simplifies Installation Process


Ever since CyanogenMod Inc. was born, the company has been making strides to become more mainstream. By partnering with Oppo, CyanogenMod will be the first custom ROM team to have its builds come pre-loaded on devices. Now, CyanogenMod is hoping to simplify the installation of their builds with CyanogenMod Installer.

Just released on Google Play, CyanogenMod Installer is an application that will need to be installed on both your device and your PC. Once done, you will be able to install CyanogenMod with only a few clicks. This essentially turns the complicated and sometimes confusing process of installing the ROM into an automatic process.


In the company's press release, CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik said, "Our goal for the installer has always been to allow more users to experience the benefits of CyanogenMod, without the hassles of technical guides and concerns associated with the process."

cyanogenmod installer

This clearly indicates that the company wants to expand their audience dramatically. As it stands, CyanogenMod is typically used by those who love tinkering with their gadgets and love the technical aspects of Android. The company hopes to change this by making it possible for any average Android user to install the software.


The PC client is currently available for Windows Vista, 7, and 8 only. While the client is Windows only initially, we are expecting a Mac version shortly. This client will be used to link directly with the application on your mobile device. If your device is connected to your computer, the software will automatically install CyanogenMod. The process will completely wipe your device, so backups of your data are essential.

So if your device shows up on the supported devices list, give it a try and report back here with your results. Remember that this software will not root your phone, so make sure that is accomplished ahead of time.


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