Cyanogen Inc. Teases New Hardware Partner; CyanogenMod Phones Fast Approaching?

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Since the team behind CyanogenMod formed Cyanogen Inc. the community has been wondering just what's going to come of the new company, what big thing is going to happen as a direct result. Well, one such thing to happen is going to be the introduction of devices running CyanogenMod out of the box, almost like CyanogenMod Nexi, if you will. Recently, we heard that Oppo could be spinning off a part of their company to help Cyanogen Inc with a 2.5 Ghz Snapdragon CPU that could well have been the Snapdragon 805. There's something fishy going on with Oppo spinning off a new division however, as Pete Lau of Oppo recently left the company just days after said rumors starting swirling.

Now though, the official Google+ page for Cyanogen Inc. is teasing a new hardware partner. Simply stating the following:

Lots of rumors circling the net

We're not quite ready to lift the veils but we can confirm that we have a new hardware partner!

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks for info on this next adventure!

So, it would seem that CyanogenMod phones are very much coming to market in the near future but, from whom and when? These are questions that we're obviously going to have to wait and see about but, we're hoping out for a big name to come forward and breath new life into Android devices. While hardware has continued to improve over the past 24 months, software has only changed little by little. With each OEM offering their own "spin" on Android, we've got Sense, TouchWiz, skins from Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE and more. CyanogenMod aims to be the one version of Android that delivers the same experience no matter the device.

While Motorola have shown the market that stock Android needn't be boring or lackluster with the Moto X and now the Moto G, it's going to be very interesting indeed to see just who Cyanogen Inc. will be shipping their first devices with.