Chromecast Lands at Walmart for $35 as Well!

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It seems like Google is really getting ready to push the Chromecast hard for the Holiday Season. Although it’s not like it needs a hard push since it is only $35 and should probably cost more than that. We’ve already seen the Chromecast start selling at Motorola and Verizon. Surprisingly for the same price and no Verizon or Motorola logos. Now it’s available at Walmart as well. It’ll be selling for $35 through Walmart as well as everywhere else. So now you can pick up the Chromecast from Google Play, Amazon, Best Buy, Verizon, Motorola and now Walmart. I’d expect to see a couple of other places start selling it too. It almost makes me wonder how much it’ll be on Black Friday?

We know that the Chromecast’s SDK is due to come out pretty soon. But we don’t exactly know when. Hopefully the SDK will be available real soon, so we can start to see more apps compatible with the Chromecast. At this point we’re stuck with YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Music, Netflix, Hulu+, HBO Go, and Pandora. Now while those aren’t bad apps or anything, I’d still like to see more show up for the Chromecast. One good example is Plex, who have said they are interested in creating a Chromecast app.

Right now, it appears that the Chromecast is available in Walmart stores but is “in limited stores” so you may want to check or call before running to your local store to grab one. So you don’t waste your time and gas. Or you could just order one online. But then again, we may not be patient enough for that. Google’s streaming HDMI stick is one of those impulse buys, I just hope it doesn’t turn into a brick soon, or end up on Google’s Sprint Cleaning list.

How many of you are buying a few Chromecast’s for your loved ones this Holiday season?