The Black Nexus 5 32GB is Back But There's a 4-5 Week Wait

Nexus 5 vs Nexus 5X AH 4

So, you are in the market for the recently released Nexus 5, but 16GB of storage just doesn’t cut it for you, and you aren’t a fan of the two-toned white/black 32Gb, what to do? Well, we have some news that may just cheer you up! The Nexus 5 32 GB Black is back in stock, just waiting for you to pull the trigger.

Whilst the Nexus 5 32GB Black is indeed back in stock, Google are playing it safe regarding the shipping time, with estimates on Google’s Play Store giving a lead time of up to 5 weeks before the device leaves the warehouse.

All is not lost, however, our very own Alexander Maxham (who has been comparing the Nexus 5 camera with the Note 3’s) placed an order last week and was informed the estimated delivery was 3-4 weeks, but actually received his Nexus 5 in within 4 days of ordering! So whilst you can’t take such a quick delivery for granted, it does appear that Google is playing it safe this time round, offering worst case delivery estimates to keep hopes and expectations down to a more realistic level, unlike last year with the launch of the Nexus 4, which was diabolical to say the least.

The rest of the Nexus 5 family have the following delivery estimates:

This time round the white (Two-tone) Nexus 5 doesn’t appear to be in as quite much demand as the black versions, is the love affair with white phones over? Is it because it wasn’t a true white phone, with only the rear of the phone being white, with the front being black? or is the fad just over?

Of course, there are alternatives to purchasing from Google’s Play Store. The Nexus 5 is available to purchase via UK carriers, albeit with hefty premiums leveraged on the handset price; O2 are selling the Nexus 5 32 Gb for a whopping £449 ($721), whilst Three offer the 16GB version for £399 ($641). Bearing in mind that the UK Play store offers these models for £339 ($545) and £299 ($480) respectively, buying from a UK carrier just isn’t a value-for-money option. And although CarphoneWarehouse were selling the Nexus 5 16GB for £295 (a little cheaper than the Play Store price) at launch, they have since announced that they have sold out of their ‘limited’ stock of  Sim-Free Nexus 5’s, and are only able to offer the handset bundled with a contract. Basically, they’ve noticed the other retailers are making a lot more profit on the Nexus 5, and decided that they too would like to squeeze more money out of the consumer.

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Were you waiting for the Black Nexus 5 32GB to come back into stock? Or have you already received one of the other versions? Or still not sure? Let us know in the comments or via our Google Plus page.