Forays Into Free Mobile Games

November 5, 2013 - Written By Chris Yackulic

BingoFind: The Words is a simple word game that is available to everyone from the Google Play Store. It’s considered to be the casual companion to any avid mobile user.

Nowadays, developers are always looking for new ways to engage their website visitors, and with that in mind, has decided to develop a free mobile game which is based on the most popular niche, that of word games. The application is being offered free of charge and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store but as it is their first foray into free apps, Bingo Find are making their game available only to Android users.

A spokesman from the website said: “We originally developed this application as a way to express our gratitude to all our readers, but due to the tremendous success we’ve had in a very short period of time, we are now looking to improve the existing app by adding new features and hopefully we can announce our new plans sometime during the second quarter of 2014.”    

The objective of the game is to find as many words as possible within a pre-determined time frame, while users have the option to use different grid sizes and times, as well as the shuffle button. While the app does need some adjustments, especially when it comes to more seasonal gamers, at the end of the day, the app is free, both in terms of downloading and of any advertising. You can visit the Google Play Store in order to download the app or click the button below.