BBM for Android v1.0.2 Rolling Out Later Today with Contact Categories, List Sorting, And More!



Some of the BBM hype has died down now, but it's still quite popular. In fact, last time I checked in the Play Store it was in the top 20 free apps, which is pretty good for something that a lot of people said "I have no need for this. I know no one using a Blackberry". Later today, the BBM team is rolling out an update to the BBM for Android app, this one will be version 1.0.2 and brings in a few new features, which you can see the official changelog down below.



BBM for Android (v1.0.2)

  • BBM Contact Categories  allow you to create categories in your contact lists to help you organize your BBM contacts
  • List sorting and filtering in BBM Groups provide new options to organize lists shared within BBM Groups
  • Invite BBM contacts to BBM Groups by Email makes it easier to add friends to a BBM Group. If you don't know their PIN, invite them by Email.
  • 'Tell your friends' feature helps you connect with friends on BBM using the sharing tools BBM has created at
  • Share Your PIN feature helps you quickly share your BBM PIN and PIN barcode to your social networks like Facebook and Twitter
  • Addresses an issue where some users were experiencing higher battery use
  •  Other bug fixes and performance improvements

So now we're getting contact categories, so you can have a category for co-workers, friends and family. As well as being able to sort and filter BBM groups. Which are definitely a few things that are needed with this messaging app. As well as the usual bug fixes, and fixing the battery issue is definitely a good thing. You'll also be able to invite and share your BBM pin with your friends much easier now, which is always a big plus. You don't want to be using a messenger that you talk to no one on.