Back In Black: 16GB Black Nexus 5 Returns to Google Play

Android enthusiasts who refused to enter into a carrier contract just so they could nab the rare 16GB Black Nexus 5 are in luck; after less than a week of being completely out of stock, the device is once again available on Google Play. This goes to show that Google did in fact learn from last year's Nexus 4 fiasco, and the outcries of fanbois did not go unnoticed. While some may have chosen to flock to third-party sellers like Best Buy, Sprint or T-Mobile, those who chose to wait will not only pay less in some cases, but will also walk away from the deal commitment-free.  Unfortunately, they won't be walking away anytime soon, as the device won't even leave the warehouse for another three to four weeks. You could always settle for one of the other variants and hope to get it sooner however, the white N5 of the same size has the same wait time, while the white 32GB version should be leaving Nov. 26, and the black version can be expected within two to three weeks.

Of course if you are still in a rush and are not afraid of commitment, a two-year carrier contract might be more your speed. At a discounted price of $49 on contract, Sprint  customers can get the shiny black phone within two to five business days. While T-Mobile does not offer such a discounted rate, you can choose to pay the higher price of $449, which can be equally distributed over a two-year period if you sale your soul to them. The phone is currently only available through the T-Mobile website, but will be available in stores Nov. 20. Your final option is by purchasing it on Sprint service through Best Buy for $149. With the price being $100 more than purchasing it directly from Sprint, this option seems like a pointless endeavor.

For those of you who are wondering what the big deal about owning the black variant over the white, check out Android Headlines recently published article, "Nexus 5: White vs Black, There's More Different than Just the Color!"

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