Are These The First Leaked Images of HTC's 2014 Flagship, The M8?

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Throughout 2013, we’ve seen HTC focus their attention on the One, a different design for a phone built out of premium materials. Compared to other devices, the HTC One had a lot going for it and we liked it when we reviewed it but, the One hasn’t been successful enough to turn HTC’s frown upside down. In fact, things are looking pretty dire for the company, with their first loss in history and seemingly no way back to form. However, they’re not out yet and as they often say, there’s always next year. We’ve been hearing that 2014 will see another HTC flagship, this time with the codename of M8 and now, we might have set eyes on the first leaked images of the device.


Coming out of Taiwan, these images aren’t very clear at all and whoever was behind the lens was either in a hurry or they don’t know how to use a camera. To our eye, these images don’t look anything different from the HTC One in Blue and the design looks remarkably familiar to the back of the original HTC One.



There’s a could chance that if the parts pictured do have something to do with this upcoming M8, that they’re early prototypes. However, we’re not sure that HTC will be wanting to release a device so similar to this year’s One. After all, they need to do something to make people pay attention and considering their marketing has still not improved, an altogether new design might be just what HTC need. Besides, we doubt Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S5 in the image of the Galaxy S III so, HTC will have their work cut out for them.

The next HTC flagship is expected to be announced some time in February, to again preempt Samsung’s offerings for the year. We suppose that the real question now is whether or not HTC have enough left to deliver the same sort of quality they did with the One.