AnTuTu Benchmark Database Reveals Elusive ZTE Grand S II


The ZTE Grand S II, a phone that's managed to avoid getting on the radar too much, has just popped up on the database for AnTuTu's Benchmarks. The results? Pretty impressive, according to GSM Arena. The ZTE Grand S II Dual managed to score 33,357 points, putting it a solid 2,248 points ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Note III and 3,114 ahead of the LG G2. That's pretty darn impressive if you ask me, and probably helps solidify some rumors that it will be running a Snapdragon 800 Processor. Take a look for yourself:

AnTuTu ZTEAs you can see, it basically floors a majority (or, all) of the competition, making an impressive dent in the world of benchmarks. ZTE's Grand S, the S II's predecessor, ran on a Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 quad-core chipset, making it no slouch in its time. It also had a 13 mega-pixel camera and 5-inch 1080p screen, all of which we expect it will keep to ensure that it maintains a certain amount of legitimacy in the race for successful flagship phones.

Benchmarks aren't everything though, and their importance in the grand scheme of things in terms of the consumer market is being questioned as companies start focusing on other important things about their devices. Motorola's Moto X and new Droid lineup are fine examples of this. Their S4 dual-core processors may not be up-to-date and benchmark smashing, but their performance thanks to Motorola's 8X Architecture is impressive and keeps up with most users — and that's all consumers really want. I doubt many people who go shopping for a new phone checked benchmarks before going to their local carrier store. And while the Galaxy lineup of Samsung's phones continue to press the very boundaries of mobile tech, and they sell very well, their success is more a result of careful marketing and good advertising than it is spec wars. Motorola's Moto X, with its customization options and affordability, not to mention compact size and hard-to-beat build quality has really set a new type of bar in the smartphone market, one that some manufacturers will try to compete with, and some won't.


What do you think? Does the Grand S II interest you? Let us know below!

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