Anomaly 2 Invades The Play Store; Continue The Battle Against The Alien Horde

11 Bit Studios long-awaited follow-up to the popular Tower Offense game Anomaly Warzone Earth is finally available on the Play Store. While we did get some more tower offense love with Anomaly Korea, it wasn't a proper sequel, and left many fans of the series begging for more. Those waiting to get their hands on Anomaly 2 and continue the good fight against the alien invasion won't have to wait any longer. Today 11 Bit Studios finally released the Android version of the game. Thanks to the Anomaly 2 Benchmark app released not too long ago, 11 Bit was able to optimize the game even further and push it out to everyone. Anomaly 2 has been available for sometime through Steam, and it was released onto iOS not too long ago.Anomaly 2 takes the excitement of tower offense to the next level with mind-blowing visuals. Gameplay gets an overhaul as well with new weapons and units to help you through the campaigns. Perhaps the coolest of all the gameplay updates is the ability to morph your units into mechs to suit the situation. As you progress through certain missions, it'll be in your best interest to transform your units into mechs to combat against various alien defenses. Each military unit will morph into a different mech, giving you a unique array of battle offenses.Any fans of the original Anomaly game or Anomaly Korea will love the changes that 11 Bit Studios has made to the Anomaly 2 solo campaign. The storyline tells a gripping continuation of the struggle between earths offenses and the invading alien forces that have taken over most of earths territories. The solo campaign is not the most surprising part of Anomaly 2 though, as the new Tower Defense vs. Tower Offense multiplayer gameplay mode takes the cake on best new feature.Whether you're already finished with the campaign or are just dying for some multiplayer action, take on the enemy and engage in battle against others. Play as the aliens defenses and wipe out the humans for total global control or defend earths honor as the humans and finally rid the world of the hostile invaders with your vast array of offensive weapons and morphing units. No matter what side you choose, the action will be intense.Anomaly 2 has tons of new gameplay to keep you entertained for hours. You get full control, and with over 1 million tactical combinations you can forge your own path of destiny in the battle against the Alien forces. If you've been eager to play Anomaly 2 and have been holding off until the Android version came along, grab $5 and hit this link below to join the battle.

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