Android Retro Game Of The Week-Star Wars:Tiny Death Star


Just admit it, you always secretly wished you could be Darth Vader and walk around intimidating people with your powers from the darkside. You couldn't just force choke whoever you wish though, lest they'd find out about your plans for world domination via building your very own Death Star. tiny1
While you can't actually dawn the powers of the force in real life, you can build your very own Death Star in Star Wars:Tiny Death Star that just hit the Play Store. From the development team behind Tiny Tower(Nimblebit), Tiny Death Star lets you build your very own death star level by level with all your favorite Star Wars characters inside. The emperor needs your help putting together the most impressive(and lethal) space station the galaxy has ever seen. tiny2
You can build and manage intergalactic businesses to help fund your evil plans for a complete and hostile take over of the galaxy. You'll have to be the biggest and baddest Death Star around if you're going to stop the rebels. You can build levels from over 80 memorable Star Wars themed residential and commercial floors to earn more credits and build more levels. Remember you want to be the biggest Death Star there is. tiny3
Building a Death Star this big will require workers, so don't forget to hire some. Attract 30 different races from the Star Wars films to run your businesses or help carry out your evil schemes. Some might find it more comfortable to head up the local cantina, but Ewoks will for sure feel more at home in the marriage room. And don't forget to build some apartments so your bitizens have a place to live. You can't just have everyone sleeping on the floors of the main hangar. tiny4
Tiny Death Star is a blast, but its not all fun and games. You'll have to devote time to capturing rebel spies and craft special supplies to further the imperial cause. If you slack on these duties, how will you ever take over the galaxy? Amidst all the flourishing life, be sure to keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for special little scenes that involve your favorite Star Wars characters. Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is free to download and free to play, and if you get started on building yours right away, you'll get 50% more free starting bux as part of the launch promotion, and you can use those bux to help build your ultimate Death Star.