Android Retro Game Of The Week: SoulCalibur


For many, fighting games were the chronicle of their youth and playing them was how many weekends and after school hours were spent. Street Fighter is arguably the most influential and most recognized, but SoulCalibur had a huge following all its own and it was easy to see why. Am i the only one that remembers playing the first SoulCalibur like it was the best thing on earth? I didn't think so. Well now you can have that experience back because Namco-Bandai just dropped SoulCalibur for Android a few days ago.sc2
First off, the game has excellent HD visuals and is a noticeable top notch port of the game. SoulCalibur is all about the tale of swords and souls transcending time and space, and of course plenty of epic battles. You have all 19 characters to choose from and each and every one of their attacks and special moves has been recreated to fit mobile devices. sc1
For those of you that are weary about fighting games on touchscreen devices, the virtual d pad here has been designed from the ground specifically for touchscreens and fine tuned for fighting games. If you're an OG SoulCalibur fan, Namco insists that the button layout is just as you remember it, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting used to the controls and playing this game via touch. sc4
Like most fighting games, you have multiple modes of play. Arcade mode takes you through the original gameplay fight by fight. Time Attack mode tasks you with beating the game in a certain amount of time. Survival Mode is where the real challenge begins as you will only have a small amount of life to work with, and you must see how long you an last. And finally Extra survival mode will really test you, where you have to last as long as you can without taking any damage at all. So in short, there's tons of replay value here. sc3
The game has some nice little extras, like a practice or training mode to help you become familiar with the game and the controls, and then there's a museum where you can check out and enjoy artwork from the game. Google Play Games services is also present, although it will be down for a short period. The game is currently on sale for a launch price of just under $7 which will last two weeks says Namco. Since it is a launch price however, it makes us wonder what the original price will be. If this is a small price to pay for those of you who know how awesome SoulCalibur is, free up some space and hit the jump below.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

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